Planning future travel?

It’s a weird world we live in right now, and travel is not just off the table, it’s packed away in the back of the cupboard for the future!
This means, of course, plenty of time to plan your next adventure, whenever that may be. Until we know what the POCO (POst COvid) world will be like, let’s dream of all the incredible destinations for our next solo odyssey.

Here are some starting points for you:

Mauritius is a small island nation, off the east coast of Africa. It is tropical and full of beautiful beaches to relax on or take part in any water sport you can think of.

Singapore can provide you with the most experiences within the smallest borders! The food, the architecture, history and emerging art scene are all worth a visit. Shopping’s not bad either!

Mexico is a country full of contradictions, fascinating history and beautifully welcoming people. As you might expect, the margaritas and the guacamole are to die for!

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