Becoming an Author

I was a writer first….

I have been a writer for a long time.
I really enjoy writing within a structure and this started back in high school when I just “got” essay writing. This affinity with writing within a framework extended into university where I happily churned out written assignments by hand (yes, I’m that old) and then into my career where I have written countless business cases, web content, job descriptions, letters, briefs, training manuals and so much more.

More recently, I developed a “side hustle”, writing resumes and selection criteria for people applying for jobs.

Side hustle!

I’ve always been curious about how a writer becomes an author, what motivates them to get their book written and published.

However, I’ve never been interested in writing fiction. I have found that’s the sector most discussed and churning about on the internet; creative writing courses abound but I don’t want to be a creative writer, making up a made-up world!!

My attention was caught by a Facebook advertisement about a half day seminar for aspiring authors who wanted to write a book on their chosen topic of expertise. A non-fiction book that might be a “how-to” style book or personal experience. Bingo! I booked it.

The author workshop

I went along with writing resumes in mind. Maybe I could write a how-to book, with easy to follow tips on how to write and tailor your resume to new jobs.

There were thirty or so other people there too, all with various expert topics or personal experiences to share. One of the workshop teachings was how to make your expertise, your business. It was very inspiring to hear about how someone can go from writing a book about something they know well and expand that into so much more. For example speaking engagements, business collaboration within relevant industries and so on. I’m not sure what it was exactly, that triggered a new idea in my mind, but it was during the workshop that I thought; what in my own life did I really enjoy and tend to talk a lot about? The answer was a light bulb moment.
Roam Alone was born.

It’s just my niche. Writing to a structure, about a topic I love. Why not!!

So, I have three points for you to take away from this blog post.
One, I am publishing my book through The Ultimate 48 Hour Author. Look them up to see what they offer in terms of publishing, if this is up your alley.

Two, if you want to write and publish a book, DO IT. Don’t feel boxed in by expectations and keep an eye out for opportunities that suit you, like me with my non-fiction preference.

Lastly, during my publishing process, I have met (well, ok online and by phone!) another author, also publishing a book about her experience in travel. Glenda has traveled a lot but unlike me, she LOVES to live on the edge! Her book is about her adventure travel in far-flung places.
Her details are below and like me, her book is currently on pre-sale. Check it out!


Planning future travel?

It’s a weird world we live in right now, and travel is not just off the table, it’s packed away in the back of the cupboard for the future!
This means, of course, plenty of time to plan your next adventure, whenever that may be. Until we know what the POCO (POst COvid) world will be like, let’s dream of all the incredible destinations for our next solo odyssey.

Here are some starting points for you:

Mauritius is a small island nation, off the east coast of Africa. It is tropical and full of beautiful beaches to relax on or take part in any water sport you can think of.

Singapore can provide you with the most experiences within the smallest borders! The food, the architecture, history and emerging art scene are all worth a visit. Shopping’s not bad either!

Mexico is a country full of contradictions, fascinating history and beautifully welcoming people. As you might expect, the margaritas and the guacamole are to die for!

The story behind Roam Alone

When I was young, I frequently farewelled or welcomed home my Grandmother on her many trips. She travelled frequently and always solo, coming home with so many amazing stories of the places she saw and people she met.

Me (centre) and my sister (left) with my
Grandmother, at Perth Airport.
Seeing her off on one of her
many solo trips, around 1982-ish

At her house, I loved to stand in front of her wall-sized world map, covered in blue and orange push-pins, marking all the places she had been. My sister and I were never short of dress-ups; hula skirts from Hawaii, handwoven grass hats from Fiji.

Fast forward to the early 1990s and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be an exchange student in Italy. I was 15 years old and travelled without family or friends for the first time.
The travel bug has had a permanent home with me ever since.

Me, (third from right) with my high school class, in Northern Italy 1991,
Me, on Lake Como, Italy, 2015.

So what will ROAM ALONE teach me?

Here is the short version, of what ROAM ALONE has to offer you, in a small, easy to read format. It’s even pocket sized so you can take it anywhere.

Maybe on your next adventure…

  • Learn to travel independently and CONFIDENTLY
  • Overcome your fears and TAKE OFF!
  • Achieve your travel goals by being in complete control.
  • Arm yourself with the tricks and tips on becoming the brave and kick-ass solo world traveller you always dreamed of.

    With checklists and real-life stories to learn from, after reading this book, your next move will be booking that flight.
Here’s me, with the book cover.