Becoming an Author

I was a writer first…. I have been a writer for a long time. I really enjoy writing within a structure and this started back in high school when I just “got” essay writing. This affinity with writing within a framework extended into university where I happily churned out written assignments by hand (yes, I’mContinue reading “Becoming an Author”

The story behind Roam Alone

When I was young, I frequently farewelled or welcomed home my Grandmother on her many trips. She travelled frequently and always solo, coming home with so many amazing stories of the places she saw and people she met. At her house, I loved to stand in front of her wall-sized world map, covered in blueContinue reading “The story behind Roam Alone”

So what will ROAM ALONE teach me?

Here is the short version, of what ROAM ALONE has to offer you, in a small, easy to read format. It’s even pocket sized so you can take it anywhere. Maybe on your next adventure… Learn to travel independently and CONFIDENTLY Overcome your fears and TAKE OFF! Achieve your travel goals by being in completeContinue reading “So what will ROAM ALONE teach me?”